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Leo van Iersel, Judith Keijsper, Steven Kelk, Leen Stougie, Ferry Hagen and Teun Boekhout. Constructing level-2 phylogenetic networks from triplets. In RECOMB08, Vol. 4955:450-462 of LNCS, springer, 2008.  
Keywords: explicit network, from triplets, level k phylogenetic network, NP complete, phylogenetic network, phylogeny, polynomial, Program Level2, reconstruction.
Note: An appendix with proofs can be found here
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Rune Lyngsø, Yun S. Song and Jotun Hein. Accurate Computation of Likelihoods in the Coalescent with Recombination via Parsimony. In RECOMB08, Vol. 4955:463-477 of LNCS, springer, 2008.  
Keywords: coalescent, likelihood, phylogenetic network, phylogeny, recombination, statistical model.
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