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      AUTHOR = {Thuillard, Marc and Fraix-Burnet, Didier},
      TITLE = {Phylogenetic Trees and Networks Reduce to Phylogenies on Binary States: Does It Furnish an Explanation to the Robustness of Phylogenetic Trees against Lateral Transfers?},
      YEAR = {2015},
      JOURNAL = {Evolutionary Bioinformatics},
      VOLUME = {11},
      PAGES = {213-221},
      URL = {},
      ABSTRACT = {This article presents an innovative approach to phylogenies based on the reduction of multistate characters to binary-state characters. We show that the reduction to binary characters{\^a} approach can be applied to both character- and distance-based phylogenies and provides a unifying framework to explain simply and intuitively the similarities and differences between distance- and character-based phylogenies. Building on these results, this article gives a possible explanation on why phylogenetic trees obtained from a distance matrix or a set of characters are often quite reasonable despite lateral transfers of genetic material between taxa. In the presence of lateral transfers, outer planar networks furnish a better description of evolution than phylogenetic trees. We present a polynomial-time reconstruction algorithm for perfect outer planar networks with a fixed number of states, characters, and lateral transfers.},
      NOTE = {},
      KEYWORDS = {circular split system, explicit network, from multistate characters, outerplanar, perfect, phylogenetic network, phylogeny, planar, polynomial, reconstruction, split}