Publications related to 'Program HybridNumber' : HybridNumber is a Perl script for an exact calculation of the minimum number of hybridization events to explain two rooted binary phylogenetic trees on the same taxa set (download here). It was replaced by the more efficient HybridInterleave.
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Magnus Bordewich, Simone Linz, Katherine St. John and Charles Semple. A reduction algorithm for computing the hybridization number of two trees. In EBIO, Vol. 3:86-98, 2007.
Keywords: agreement forest, FPT, from rooted trees, hybridization, phylogenetic network, phylogeny, Program HybridNumber.

Leo van Iersel, Steven Kelk, Regula Rupp and Daniel H. Huson. Phylogenetic Networks Do not Need to Be Complex: Using Fewer Reticulations to Represent Conflicting Clusters. In ISMB10, Vol. 26(12):i124-i131 of BIO, 2010.
Keywords: from clusters, level k phylogenetic network, Program Dendroscope, Program HybridInterleave, Program HybridNumber, reconstruction.
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Yufeng Wu and Jiayin Wang. Fast Computation of the Exact Hybridization Number of Two Phylogenetic Trees. In ISBRA10, Vol. 6053:203-214 of LNCS, springer, 2010.
Keywords: agreement forest, explicit network, from rooted trees, hybridization, integer linear programming, minimum number, phylogenetic network, phylogeny, Program HybridNumber, Program SPRDist, SPR distance.
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