Publications related to 'Program PhyloNetworks SNaQ' : PhyloNetworks (including SNaQ) is a Julia package for statistical inference, data manipulation and visualization of phylogenetic networks. More precisely, it implements the SNaQ method which reconstructs a level 1 network from a set of unrooted gene trees, possibly with some uncertainty values. It uses GraphViz to display the output network. Available at
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Claudia Solís-Lemus and Cécile Ané. Inferring phylogenetic networks with maximum pseudolikelihood under incomplete lineage sorting. In PLOS Genetics, Vol. 12(3):e1005896, 2016.  
Keywords: explicit network, from quartets, from unrooted trees, likelihood, phylogenetic network, phylogeny, Program PhyloNetworks SNaQ.

Hussein A. Hejase and Kevin J. Liu. A scalability study of phylogenetic network inference methods using empirical datasets and simulations involving a single reticulation. Vol. 17(422):1-12, 2016.  
Keywords: abstract network, evaluation, from sequences, phylogenetic network, phylogeny, Program PhyloNet, Program PhyloNetworks SNaQ, reconstruction, simulation, unicyclic network.