Publications related to 'Program Reticlad' : Reticlad is a program which tests reticulation events on terminal branches of a phylogenetic tree, where inputs are binary characters. It is available upon request from James D. Morefield.
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Vladimir Makarenkov, Dmytro Kevorkov and Pierre Legendre. Phylogenetic Network Construction Approaches. In Applied Mycology and Biotechnology, Vol. 6:61-97, 2006.
Keywords: from distances, hybridization, lateral gene transfer, median network, NeighborNet, netting, Program Arlequin, Program Network, Program Pyramids, Program Reticlad, Program SplitsTree, Program T REX, Program TCS, Program WeakHierarchies, pyramid, reticulogram, split, split decomposition, split network, survey, weak hierarchy.

Loren H. Rieseberg and James D. Morefield. Character expression, phylogenetic reconstruction, and the detection of reticulate evolution. In P. C. Hoch and A. G. Stephenson editors, Experimental and molecular approaches to plant biosystematics, Pages 333–353, 1995.
Keywords: hybridization, phylogeny, Program Reticlad.
Note: pubs/1995 Chapter in Experimental and Molecular approaches to Plant Biosystematics.pdf.