Visualization of a rooted phylogenetic network

Please type in the code of the phylogenetic network you would like to visualize, as a list of arcs, one arc on each line, with the name of the first vertex (a sequence of digits and/or letters) followed by a whitespace (or anything containing neither digits nor letters), followed by the name of the second vertex (also a sequence of digits and/or letters).
After you click the "Submit" button, this website will use GraphViz to draw it for you!

This collection of networks is also used in this tool which checks which classes of phylogenetic networks they belong to.


You can load examples of 28 phylogenetic networks found in the literature:

The figures extracted from the article cited above are available below: click directly on them to load the corresponding network in the form above!

About this website

This website was started in 2015 during a Merlion Project between Université Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée and National University of Singapore, involving Philippe Gambette, Andreas Gunawan, Anthony Labarre, Stéphane Vialette and Louxin Zhang.
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S. Nguyen and A. Sirunyan added some phylogenetic networks to this website in the context of their Science Académie internship at LIGM in April 2016, as well as Gabriel Schneider during his internship at LIGM in December 2023.
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Contact: Philippe Gambette