Publications related to 'Program Clustistic' : CLUSTISTIC is a Java program which, given a set T of rooted binary trees on the same set of taxa, constructs (all) networks with a minimum number of reticulations that represent the set of clusters induced by the trees in T (in the softwired sense). Available at
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Steven Kelk, Celine Scornavacca and Leo van Iersel. On the elusiveness of clusters. In TCBB, Vol. 9(2):517-534, 2012.
Keywords: explicit network, from clusters, from rooted trees, from triplets, level k phylogenetic network, phylogenetic network, phylogeny, Program Clustistic, reconstruction, software.

Leo van Iersel and Simone Linz. A quadratic kernel for computing the hybridization number of multiple trees. In IPL, Vol. 113:318-323, 2013.
Keywords: explicit network, FPT, from rooted trees, kernelization, minimum number, phylogenetic network, phylogeny, Program Clustistic, Program MaafB, Program PIRN, reconstruction.
Note:, poster.
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