Publications related to 'Program HorizStory' : HorizStory is a program that approximates the SPR distance between two rooted and possibly multifurcating trees to reconciliate them inside a network. It is available from Eric Bapteste upon request and was
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Dave MacLeod, Robert L. Charlebois, W. Ford Doolittle and Eric Bapteste. Deduction of probable events of lateral gene transfer through comparison of phylogenetic trees by recursive consolidation and rearrangement. In BMCEB, Vol. 5(27), 2005.  
Keywords: explicit network, from rooted trees, lateral gene transfer, phylogenetic network, phylogeny, Program HorizStory, reconstruction, software.
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Robert G. Beiko and Nicholas Hamilton. Phylogenetic identification of lateral genetic transfer events. In BMCEB, Vol. 6(15), 2006.  
Keywords: evaluation, from rooted trees, from unrooted trees, lateral gene transfer, Program EEEP, Program HorizStory, Program LatTrans, reconstruction, software, SPR distance.
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